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Remembering Our Babies Walk

The Annual Remembering our Babies Walk hopes to give parents and families what they want most: an occasion to remember and to celebrate, openly and without judgment, amongst other families who share the experience and feelings of losing a child. There are tears, there is laughter, there will be hope, there will be healing. 

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Cuddle Cots

This gift of time allows precious hours for bonding, pictures, plaster molds to be taken, and other family members to come and meet the baby before the natural changes that occur in death become more apparent. In addition, the baby can now stay in the room with the family the entire hospital stay if the family so desires. While this might not be for everyone, it does allow families a choice. 

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Cuddle Cots-The Gift of Time

When a woman, obviously heavy with child, walks through the doors of a hospital she undoubtedly receives smiles and knowing nods of approval. Such a happy time! Who isn’t elated when getting ready to meet their baby for the first time? Unfortunately, some of those women will be walking in knowing that hello also means goodbye as they’ve already been told the baby they’ve looked forward to for so long has already passed from life to death or will not survive at birth.


On behalf of Annabella's Angels, S.O.B.B.S., and the US Cuddle Cot Campaign Initiative, a group dedicated to getting a Cuddle Cot Unit into every hospital in the United States of America. Still birth affects 25, 000 families per year, yet most hospitals aren’t even equipped to allow parents even an hour with their child. Countless couples have had to hand their baby’s body over before footprints are taken and pictures can be snapped and while this may not be important to those viewing the situation from a clinical perspective, it is devastating for the parents for weeks and years to come.


Infant death is a harsh reality we cannot prevent and we cannot always foresee. When parents are forced to say goodbye so shortly after hello, every minute matters. As a parent devastated by the reality of stillbirth , I implore you or your business to consider making a donation towards the purchase of the Cuddle Cot unit for our local hospitals maternity service department. It may not save a life, but can be the very first thing a couple going through this tragedy has to be thankful for: the gift of time.



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