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About Matthew & Jesse

On October 25, 2018, the mission of Annabella's Angels came full circle when we lost our precious son Matthew Thomas at 14+3 weeks of our pregnancy. Then again on March 1, 2020 with the loss of our Jesse Alexander at 14+1 weeks. This time because of our CuddleCot placement in Bristol Hospital, we were able to spend the necessary time with our son. We had first-hand experience of just how beneficial the cot was. Unlike our Annabella, our baby boys did not have the quick changes in features during our time because of the coolness circulating through the CuddleCot. As a family who was privileged to use a CuddleCot, we truly recommend every hospital have access to a CuddleCot.

To honor our Annabella's angel brothers,s we have begun a new initiative to provide hospitals with books for siblings who are affected by the loss of their baby brother or sister.  Though the books will never fully help children fully cope with the loss, it will help the children gain a bit of understanding that their baby brother or sister will not be going home with them.

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